BLUR: NYC has produced another president, the first since FDR, yet his unwelcoming policies are keeping visitors away in droves. This winter will see the fewest tourists in years as the city is involuntarily losing its reputation as a melting pot that celebrates all cultures during the holiday season. BLUR symbolizes the collective rejection of the president's policies by blurring together all NYers under one holiday roof. 3 polycarbonate cell walls blur the lines between locals, transplants and tourists under one kaleidoscopic roof – providing a place for positive community action and celebrating the melting of cultures that makes NYC so great. The pavilion will host coat and food collection drives with a touch-sensitive collection bin at its center. As people donate items the touch sensitive bin links the pavilion to each donation through pulses of light and sound, emphasizing the community building process through the blurring of cultural lines.

Client: Van Alen Institute

Date:  2017

Location:  Flat Iron District NYC

Structural Engineer: Buro Ehring