Brancusi Studies - Upon his death, Constantin Brancusi left his entire studio and the works it housed to the government of France, with the sole requirement that the sculptures be shown in his studio exactly as they were left. Over 40 years, the French government has recreated Brancusi’s studio in 3 different locations to house his work.  Inspired by this serialization of the studio as opposed to the work, The Principals created a series of sculptural recreations of Brancusi sculptures, distorting the geometry in successive iterations as was done in each iteration of Brancusi’s studio.

By reducing the scale of each sculpture to desktop size, the pieces become something between a design object and an art piece, testing the expectations of what art and design should be in contemporary culture. 

The studies are categorized into three types:  Obelisks, Ziggurats and Spheres.  Each piece is unique: cast in concrete, distressed with spray paint then waxed. Individual studies will be released in small families FOR SALE ON OUR WEBSHOP.