Glacial Drift - A modular installation that marked the entrance of Collective Design Fair from May 4-8th during NYCxDesign.  The project was created from folded sheets of die-cut, recyclable corrugated-plastic.  Multifunctional clusters of cantilevered plantings and street furniture provided shelter and prismatically filtered the light along Washington Street, resulting in a complex construction that resembles glaciers adrift at sea. 

Glacial Drift is a phenomenon where rocks are transported over large distances from the movement of glaciers, resulting in non-native rock clusters or erratics appearing in otherwise harmonious landscapes. The installation is a large scale prototype for a modular street furniture/planting concept  that could "drift" plant life through the harsh urban streetscape in the same way glaciers carried non-native rock formations.  

Client: Collective Design Fair

Date:  Spring 2016

Photos: The Principals