Project:  Hammertone at MoMA PS1

Date:  Summer 2012

Type:  Intercative Installation that performed on two dates at MoMA PS1's

Summer Warm-Up concert series with Matthew Dear, Jamie XX and others 

Material:  Painted Paper, Aluminum and Wood Frame and LED strips.

Photograpy:  Walling McGarity









Project:  Everlane Pop-Up

Date:  Summer 2012

Type:  5-Day Pop Up store at 65 Prince Street in SoHo - NYC

Material:  Stained Pine, Steel and Pegboard

Photograpy: Mark Iantosca

Project:  Cosmic Quilt

Date:  Spring 2012

Type:  Interactive Installation and Student Workshop

NY Design Week 2012, Bonnaroo 2012

Material:  Paper, Aluminum, Stepper Motors, Arduino

Students: Adrienne Carducci, Wesley Fulgham, Ryan Fleming,

Ryan Griffin, Jonathan Howard, Glorimer Ovalle, Morgane Palacios,

Marianne Sodogandji, Sabrina Stefano, Stephanie Zeni

Photograpy: Walling McGarity










Project:  Trinity Side Table

Date:  Spring 2012

Type:  Original Furniture Line

First Shown at Shape Shop by Sight Unseen at Creatures of Comfort

Material:  Stained Birch, Smoked Glass and Colored Acrylic











Project:  Shape Shop Tables

Date:  Spring 2012

Type:  Custom Table Set for

the Shape Shop by Sight Unseen at Creatures of Comfort

Material:  Custom-Finished OSB

Photo: Mark Iantosca 
















Project:  Bat Rack

Date:  Winter 2012

Type:  Original Product Line - First appeared at THREAT

by the American Design Club

Material:  Turned Maple and Turned Stainless Steel
















Project:  Bronze Bones

Date:  Fall 2011

Type:  Collaboration with The World's Best Ever, first shown during Design Miami

at The Mondrian South

Material:  Domino - Milled Bronze, Blackened  

Case - Leather Bound, Foil-Stamped












Project:  Charlotte Bin

Date:  Spring 2011

Type:  Prototype for Exhibition, NY Design Week

Material:  Blackened and Polished Bronze, Clear Arcylic

Project:  BotoxLamp

Date:  Spring 2011

Type:  Interactive Environment - Collaboration with SAQ

First appeared at DMY Berlin 2011

Material:  Plasma-cut aluminum,  LED's and

Infrared Sensors networked through an Internal Microcontroller










Project:  Christopher Chair

Date:  Spring 2011

Type:  Original Product Line

Material:  Powder-Coated Aluminum, HDPE

Project:  BotoxUtopia

Date:  Fall 2011

Type:  Interactive Environment - Weeklong Workshop performed

with 20 international students at the Politecnico di Milano

Collaboration with Zirkumflex Gallery and Lea Delion

Material:  Hand-Cut Museum Board, Emergency Blankets, LED's

and Sonic Range Sensors networked through Internal Microcontrollers











Project:  T.O.M. Chair

Date:  Spring 2011

Type:  Original Product Line

Material: Steel, Oak Stair Treads, Rubber










Project:  Bambi Rack

Date:  Fall 2011

Type:  Original Product Line

Material:  Blackened and Polished Bronze

Project:  BotoxCloud

Date:  Spring 2011

Type:  Interactive Environment - Collaboration

with SAQ and Zirkumflex Gallery, Berlin

First appeared at Transmediale 2011, Berlin

Material:  2 Piece Paper Model Edition assembled into an installation

of 100 pieces - Internal LED's networked to

Infrared Distance Sensors through

and External Microcontroller







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