SPACE TRASH - Inspired by a friend's struggle against Multiple Sclerosis, The Principals designed an installation to fundraise for the National MS Society.  Multiple Sclerosis erodes neural pathways inhibiting the ability to control muscles, leading to varying forms of paralysis.  In extreme cases, exoskeletal prosthetic devices are used to combat atrophy in the limbs.  Myoelectric sensors are used in these prosthetics to read muscles movement in active areas to control inactive areas.  

Space Trash was designed to be controlled by three myoelectric sensors attached to the forearm, when the muscle contracts the installation responds, reading the users biorhythms.  Space Trash is the first in a series exploring Bionic Architecture and designed to raise awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis.  


Client: Reclaim 3

Date:  2014

Location:  TriBeCa, NYC